Admin - Victor

Admin - Victor

Hello, I'm a fellow Christian and have done a lot of Evangelism : ) (Currently do Evangelism like every weekend). This web-site has a lot of information about Communism, which is: In-human, beyond the pale - murder/Torture. The Weapon of the Illuminati is Communism which is coming to the whole world via: Globalism. Stealth Socialism (Communism's Daughter) is taking place right now in the U.S. -- The two
id's of Socialism are: give away Gov't money and demonize a part of the race. - i.e. under Hitler all the Jews were evil -- currently White people and the polilce are evil). Karl Marx (Talmud/Synagogue of Satan Jew) says: 'All Materialism and/or Society has to End in Violent Destruction' -- think Antifa and remember: Communism is the weapon of the Illuminati -- their: Announcing Conception of the New or Secular World Order, all Seeing Eye Seal, is on the back of the dollar bill.

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